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Koalas will not use a tree a dog has urinated on

Unfortunately, koalas do not recognize that dogs are dangerous per se so the smell of their urine will not cause them to avoid a tree or area. In fact, koalas will attempt to cross yards of homes with dogs in order to get to a tree or section of habitat they are interested in

Important fact: Even small dogs and/or a single dog bite pose a substantial risk to a koala. Their internal organs are easily pierced by a dog’s canines (even when there is no visible injury). If you even suspect a koala has suffered a dog bite please call 1-300-Animal ASAP.

Always walk your dog on a lead in known koala habitat and bring them in at night  

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  • Murray Munro
    published this page in Myth Busting 2022-09-22 16:08:55 +1000