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Koalas are slow moving

Koalas can actually move quite quickly on the ground albeit over short distances- when they come down to change trees, search for a mate or seek a new territory. They also will scoot up the nearest tree quite quickly if they feel threatened. They can be observed on occasion jumping from branch to branch and even tree to tree – and are especially active and agile if we try and bring them down from their tree for medical treatment!

IMPORTANT FACT: Koalas do not perceive fast moving cars as dangers hence they may not move quickly from or across the road and at night may freeze in the face of oncoming car headlights. On the other hand they will run from a dog moving toward them which triggers a dogs innate prey response. These two instincts often result in tragic outcomes for koalas.

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  • Murray Munro
    published this page in Myth Busting 2022-09-22 16:05:17 +1000