Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc is an Incorporated Association dedicated to improving koala conservation outcomes.  Its mission is to be “a voice for the koala”.

The group’s formation began with the Sunshine Coast Koala Summit held in August 2012 with the goal of improving koala conservation efforts - both for individuals and as a species.

We seek to work collaboratively with local governments as well as other conservation and community groups focusing on improving the lives and sustainablity of koalas in the wild through a variety of initiatives and methods.

Our members are actively engaged in rescue/rehabilitation and re-release of sick and injured koalas, habitat and corridor restoration, community education and much more.

We also see to facilitate fresh cooperative approaches to the chronic challenges regarding the sustainability of the wild koala as a species with an emphais on communication and collaboration between all stakeholders and groups.

In 2018 we sponsored the planting of 10,000 trees as part of the Noosa Koala Recovery Project with the assistance of the Noosa and District Landcare Group and founded the Noosa Region Koala Rescue Group with the assistance of Wildcare Australia.

Our motto is "WBFK" - What's Best For the Koala?

Our Objectives



  • Work with interested individuals and corporations to create koala safe havens and corridors through a mix of land use designations and acquisitions.
  • Lobby for changes to the laws relating to translocation and mandatory euthanasia for non-releasable koalas.
  • Encourage and support the establishment of long term habitat for currently non-releasable koalas.



  • Facilitate collaborative relationships with like-minded conservation organisations
  • Encourage and where possible sponsor new approaches that contribute to restoring healthy and growing wild koala populations



  • To inform and educate the community about the perils facing koalas and provide details about what can be done to reduce the negative impacts of development.
  • To help create and communicate best practices to reduce the many threats facing koalas including dogs, drivers and disease.