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Who we are...

Queensland Koala Crusaders is an Incorporated Association dedicated to improving koala conservation outcomes. Our mission is to be “a voice for the koala”.

The group’s formation began with the Sunshine Coast Koala Summit held in August 2012 with the goal of improving koala conservation efforts - both for individuals and as a species. Queensland Koala Crusaders is now actively expanding, to play a role in all koala habitat areas in Queensland.

We seek to work collaboratively with local governments as well as other conservation and community groups focusing on improving the lives and sustainability of koalas in the wild through a variety of initiatives and methods.

Our members are actively engaged in rescue/rehabilitation and re-release of sick and injured koalas, habitat and corridor restoration, community education and much more.

We also seek to facilitate fresh cooperative approaches to the chronic challenges regarding the sustainability of the wild koala as a species with an emphasis on communication and collaboration between all stakeholders and groups.

In 2019 we sponsored the planting of 24,000 trees as part of the Noosa Koala Recovery Project with the assistance of the Noosa and District Landcare Group and founded the Noosa Region Koala Rescue Group with the assistance of Wildcare Australia.  

In 2019 our members participated in the "black walks" following the devastating bush fires, provided financial support for koala carers and sponsored a new exciting project with the University of the Sunshine Coast to develop a new technology that would potentially provide real time location and notification of koalas in an effort to reduce road hits and dog attacks among other applications.

In 2021 we started focusing our efforts on building a business case and feasibility study in support of one or more koala sanctuaries within Noosa and South East Queensland.

In 2022 and beyond, we have set ambitious tree planting goals to restore koala habitat throughout Queensland with sites in the Dayboro and Ocean View area, Moreton Bay Region, Somerset Region and the Sunshine Coast Hinterland to be planted in the coming months.




Facilitate the creation and ongoing maintenance of additional suitable habitat and connecting corridors for koalas and other native species through a mix of land use designations and revegetation as well as supporting koala fodder "farms" for use by koala carers.


Work with other community and stakeholder groups to build up a local and national alliance to create a stronger, more effective voice for collaborative koala conservation efforts - as well as a network of skilled resources to respond to wild koalas in need.


Create sanctuaries and community centers providing "soft release" locations for koalas who have been in care and need a transition before returning to the wild as well as facilities for non-releasable koalas. Provide support for carers who tirelessly look after injured, sick, orphaned, or displaced koalas.



Partnerships play a key role in QKC’s efforts to meet our strategic goals. This is achieved through collaboration with a range of likeminded partners, including governments, local communities, businesses and individual donors....
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