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Wild Koala Day 2024

Wild Koala Day was started in 2016 by a network of independent koala conservation and rehabilitation groups all over Australia. Most of the groups involved with Wild Koala Day have been advocating for koalas for many years, some for decades. Our experience is first-hand. We represent the front line of koala conservation, working with our local communities at a grass-roots level.

We know about tragedy, heartbreak, and feelings of futility. We also know that facing reality, and taking action is the best course. Every time we face a disaster we get back up and keep working for koalas. The disasters might keep coming, but we are not beaten.

Koalas are still here, living wild and free in the Bush where they belong. In some places that would not be the case without the tireless efforts of many good people. All those people can hold their heads up with pride.

When koalas need help, we will be there for them. Will you join us?

Wild Koala Day Events around Australia: 

Wednesday 1 May to 5 May: 

Wild Koala Day Art Show | Koala Action Inc QLD

Thursday 2 May: 

Wild Koala Day Information Webinar | Koala Clancy Foundation ONLINE

Friday 3 May: 

Wild koala day with the Detection Dogs for Conservation | University of Sunshine Coast QLD

Sunrise Guula (Koala) Yoga | Koala Hospital Port Macquarie NSW

Wild Koala Day tree planting event | Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation VIC

Tree planting for Wild Koala Day | WWF & Koala Friendly Carbon NSW

Tree give away for Wild Koala Day | MidCoast Council NSW

Plant a tree for our furry friends on Wild Koala Day | Campbelltown Council NSW

Wild Koala Day Raffle launch | Care4esK QLD

Saturday 4 May: 

Tree planting for Wild Koala Day | Moreton Bay Koala Rescue QLD 

Wild Koala Day weeding and wildlife walk | Koala Clancy Foundation VIC  - SOLD OUT

Sunday 5 May: 

Wild Koala Day Event at Old Petrie Town | The Y & Pine Rivers Koala Care QLD

Spot a koala for Wild Koala Day | City of Moreton Bay QLD

Tuesday 7 May: 

Audio Recordings for Koalas | International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) & Koala Clancy Foundation  ONLINE

Thursday 9 May: 

Koalas & Victoria's Native Forests | Victorian Forest Alliance ONLINE

Sunday 19 May: 

Living with Koalas Forum | Koala Action Gympie Region QLD

Wednesday 22 May: 

Koala Tree Planting | Bangalow Koalas NSW


Some ideas for Wild Koala Day:

  • Launch a Fundraiser
  • Run a tree planting or weed removal or habitat cleanup
  • Online Webinar
  • Photo or art competition
  • Host a stall at a local market
  • Discounted entry to an existing event/attraction
  • Koala tree giveaway

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