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QKC Wrap-up May 2024

Wild Koala Day

QKC Board member David Mackenzie helped celebrate “Wild Koala Day” by participating in a community forum organised by University of Sunshine Coast Detection Dogs for Conservation at the Sippy Downs Campus where he presented “Empowering Change – Three Actions to Safeguard Koalas”.

The audience, made up of students and families including some young children, heard about some practical measures that we can all take to protect koalas as well as a call for everyone to become ambassadors for koalas and inspire their friends, colleagues, government and the general community to care about our endangered koalas.

For Wild Koala Day, Janine Duffy from Koala Clancey put 10 small, local koala groups in the spotlight. These groups are rewriting the path that koalas are on and making a future with koalas in it possible.

"You might think nothing is making a difference. It is.

You might think no-one is doing anything.

From Queensland to Victoria, small koala groups are doing a lot. (And could do even more with your help).

You might think there’s nothing you can really do.

That’s not right. There is a lot you can do."

Follow the link below to read the full article and learn about the impact that you can have.


"Enough is Enough" - Poem read by Malani Harris

Queensland Koala Crusaders and Koala Family Adventures present "Enough is Enough". A poem read by Malani about the perils facing koalas and the hope for the future.

Maleny Wood Expo

David also presented “Empowering Change to Save Koalas” at the Maleny Wood Expo.  Although Maleny has received lots of rain in the past few months and the ground was quite wet under foot, the event was well attended with lots of people interested in what they can do to help koalas.

Detection Dogs Visit Allambi

QKC facilitated a visit to the beautiful Samford Valley property Allambi by the Detection Dogs for Conservation team who used the opportunity to provide training for several of their younger detection dogs that are learning to find koala skat (poo) in the bush.

The dogs found skat in five different locations on the property, including several locations where koalas had not been seen recently.  To everyone’s delight, one koala, named “Ruby” was sighted in a large gumtree, looking healthy and happy.

Griffith University AI Powered Koala Monitoring 

QKC is participating in a research program being undertaken by Griffith University to monitor koala movement and behaviour using remote trail cameras.  QKC has deployed cameras in koala habitat in the Samford Valley area which has already generated some interesting results.

Animals detected so far include koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, possums, gliders, bandicoots, and more worryingly foxes and wild dogs.  All the fauna detected appear healthy which is testament to the condition of the habitat in which they live and emphasises the need to preserve biodiversity in our environment.

Super Kind Kids - Rescuing Koalas with Izzy Bee from Izzy's Koala World

This episode is packed with all the koala cuteness you can handle! Listen in as Izzy from the Netflix hit show Izzy's Koala World shares all about her life with these unique animals.



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