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Webmaster - Murray (Muzza) Munro

Muzza has been with the QKC Team for over a decade, operating mostly in the background with all things online. Always at the ready for what ever tasks may present themselves, he keeps the wheels turning on the website and all things related.

For more than two decades Muzza has worked in both in-situ and ex-situ conservation. His work with icons of the environmental movement has shaped his thinking and earnt him the respect of the conservation community. Muzza’s formative experience managing Jane Goodall’s chimpanzee sanctuary in remote Uganda taught him the critical importance of working closely with local communities to create sustainable wildlife conservation solutions.

Returning to the urban jungle, first to Auckland Zoo, then to manage the internationally-renowned Wildlife Warriors at Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo, he learned first-hand how public awareness translates into support for conservation.

He and a small team later used this knowledge to launch a fundraising and media campaign to rescue a critically malnourished, orphaned Sumatran elephant named Bona. Bona’s plight caused a media frenzy (including an episode on ABC television’s Australian Story), that eventually went global.