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QKC Newsletter June 2023


National Koala Conference success! 

3 days, 300 participants, informative presentations from Australia's top scientists, rehabilitators, veterinarians, conservation groups. Koala Conservation Australia is to be congratulated for an impressive event, held in Port Macquarie NSW 26-28 May 2023. 

Take aways from the Conference Courtesy of Janine Duffy from Koala Clancy:

Great news:

The new USC chlamydia vaccine is showing impressive results: infection decreased by 82% as a result of vaccination, and infection loads also decreased.

The epicormic foliage of gums, boxes and ironbarks (symphiomyrtles: a subgenera of eucalyptus) after a fire is higher in protein and more nutritious for koalas than adult leaves of the same tree.

A researcher at NSW Police has developed fingerprints of koalas to a level high enough to identify an individual. (And they are very like humans!)

Chilled koala sperm lasts longer than any mammal (40 days!!!) and can produce joeys days after harvest.

Koala sperm is also very cool, is shaped like a very long comma, and has a huge variety of head shapes.

Water shared by koalas at artificial water stations does contain some normal environmental pathogens, but doesn't contain chlamydia pecorum (the dangerous one to koalas).

Paracetamol works on koalas! Koalas are notorious for filtering drugs so well that the drugs just don't work on them. They have super livers that grab and neutralise the drug before it can get into their bloodstream. Which is a problem for vets trying to give koalas pain relief. But paracetamol is one that does work!

Not good or bad, just fascinating:

Land clearing causes koalas the most stress, more even than fires, vehicle strike, chlamydia or dog attack.

Using fertilisers doesn't make eucalyptus trees more nutritious.

Terrible news (but we must know so that we can stop it happening elsewhere):

The wild koalas of western NSW have quietly gone extinct.

Koalas in heatwave conditions are experiencing dangerously high core body temperatures (up to 40.8°)

Under environmental stress, rates of chlamydia can quickly increase from <10% to >80% in just over a decade.

Wonderful people are working so hard to find treatments or tests for:

Oxalate nephrosis (a terrible disease that causes kidney failure), KoRV Koala retrovirus and Chlamydia

And a comprehensive strategy (the KDRA) has been written by real experts that prioritises disease risk to koalas Australia-wide, and gives guidelines for treatment and prevention. It will be available to everyone.


Queensland Conservation Council Event Invite (online)

The inaugural Australia-wide Zoom meeting with the National Environment Minister Tanya Plibersek is next week, on Monday 26th June at 6:30 pm and we hope you can join us.

This is an opportunity for you to be part of a collective voice advocating for change in environmental conservation and climate action.

By attending, you will join hundreds of environmental leaders and concerned citizens in discussing key topics, including:

  • Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation Act 
  • Climate and approvals 
  • Deforestation
  • Murray Darling Basin

Your presence will increase the pressure on the Minister to make real commitments in these areas. Please RSVP below and share this link with fellow environmental activists.

RSVP here


Koalas on the Move: Wildcare Noosa Region Koala Rescue Report 2022

We have some great news to report, thanks to Rachel and her team at Wildcare Noosa.

In 2022, no koalas were struck on the Cooroy-Noosa Road or McKinnon Road sections where our Koalas on the Move signs were located, please see detailed report attached.

This is a fantastic result! The report does outline a general decline in rescues compared to the previous year, with the majority of car strikes occurring on the Bruce Highway, but we cannot rest on our laurels. Rachel reports that the koala breeding season has started early and that she has already attended to 4 rescues in the last 3 days.

Read full report here

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions to making this campaign a success and open the floor to further discussions on how we may work together to continue this work in the future.


Report wildlife sightings in QWildlife!

QWildlife is the Queensland Government's official online reporting platform for crocodile and koala sightings. It's a simple and easy way to let us know if you've seen these species in the wild.

-- Key Features --

- Submit sighting details including time, date, location, and behaviour of the animal.

- Attach photographs to support your sighting (optional).

- Explore an interactive map of recent sightings and the Queensland Government’s response to them (certain species only).

- Learn about Queensland’s native wildlife and how to stay safe while exploring their ecosystems.

- Sightings can be recorded even if you are offline – the app will automatically submit them next time it is launched with an internet connection.

Watch the Ten News QLD story here

Download App here:

IOS (Apple)

Google (Android)


Vaccine exceeds expectations in Gold Coast koalas

The chlamydia vaccine pioneered by the Queensland University of Technology is showing positive results, with all the vaccinated koalas chlamydia-free after 12 months. 

Read more


Detection Dogs for Conservation have been busy

After a drone survey detected 71 koalas Billie the detection dog was set to work finding scat (droppings) to be analysed to ensure a healthy population.

The Detection Dogs for Conservation's mission is to assist land managers, conservationists and researchers to study and protect native fauna and flora.

You can follow along on their Facebook page here




Noosa EV Expo 2023, 18th June

On Sunday 18 June 2023, cafes and businesses in Sunshine Beach Road in Noosa Junction joined with exhibitors and visitors to celebrate the exciting developments in sustainable transport options.

This FREE community event was an introduction to e-vehicles and how they can provide more sustainable travel choices.  

The expo showcased exciting electric transport options, including electric cars, e-bikes and e-scooters. Participants had the opportunity to have a trial ride on e-bikes and e-scooters, speak with exhibitors, and get the first hand experience of electric car owners.

For this 2023 Noosa EV Expo, Zero Emissions Noosa Inc. was again being proudly supported by EV Expo partners Noosa Council and the Noosa Junction Business Association reclaimed Sunshine Beach Road for the biggest and best EV Expo ever!

This was the 5th Noosa EV Expo, and positioning of the event in a major tourism and commercial hub of Noosa was a great step forward, and encouraged an exciting mix between exhibitors, footpath cafes, and safe off-road trial rides of electric bikes and scooters.

QKC was present with a stall and had a great day mingling with the locals of the area and beyond, spreading the word about the plight of koalas and what we are doing and how people can get involved.


Koala Carer gets a much needed hand from the Rescue Collective 

Earlier in the month, 13 amazing volunteers from the Rescue Collective provided over 52 hours of physical working bee support to one of our lovely carers.

It was like a swarm of whipper snippers with up to 4 running at one time while they cleared long grass, along with mowing, repairing branches in the koala enclosure, cleaning the koala enclosure, spreading mulch, general repairs and tidy up and planted 24 eucalyptus trees!

What a great effort and appreciated by all of us at QKC.


Toowoomba Region Koala Count - video series 

A wonderful positive koala story from Tim and Jan Clewett based in Geham - North of Toowoomba

Click here to signup as a volunteer



Verrierdale Tree Planting, 30th July

This July, we will be planting on a property in the Noosa Hinterland and we need all the help we can get! 

If you are free on the 30th of July for a couple of hours, come help out our koalas and also meet some like-minded people!

This event coincides with National Tree Day so couldn't be a better day to get out and plants some trees for the future of the koala.

RSVP's are essential so choose your option below.

We hope to see you there! 

RSVP to Facebook Event


Click here to email if you would like to volunteer


MRVT Tree Planting - Koala Action Group Gympie Region, 1st July

Our next outing at the Trail is on Saturday, 1st July starting at 8:00am.  Parking at the Western Creek Road entrance to the George Burtenshaw Feature Protection Area, Imbil.

This is a weeding session of a couple of hours led by Rick Sizer tackling a patch of Madeira Vine and some Cats Claw near the entrance gate off Western Creek Road.

Please meet with Rick at 8am for a briefing and remember to bring the usual safety gear, tools  and water.

Email KAGR here for more information


Roving Restorers Program - Noosa Chapter - Saturday 24th June

When: 8:30 AM, 24 Jun 2023

Where: Yurol State Forest

The Roving Restorer program will be conducting monthly working bees at the Yurol State Forest. 

We will treat environmental weeds within the current remnant forest areas and along tracks and trails. This will help improve the resilience of both the existing high biodiversity remnant vegetation areas and also the long-term management of the revegetation areas. It also provides an opportunity to learn bush regeneration techniques, plant identification skills and to make new friends!

Please contact Noosa Landcare Project Officer – Tamara - for further details.

Participants will be notified the day before the event of the exact location of the works.

Please arrive for an 8:30am start.

All tools will be provided.

Bring gloves, water, boots, sunscreen and insect repellent. Long-sleeved shirt, trousers and hat are essential (Workplace Health and Safety Regulations). 

This project has received funding support from the Queensland Government’s Community Sustainability Action grant program. 

Click here to register as a volunteer


Eucalyptus ID Workshop - 8th July

When: 9:00 AM, 08 Jul 2023

Where: Pomona

Eucalyptus trees are notoriously challenging to differentiate and ID. 

Join us for a fun morning learning the tricks of the trade of Eucalyptus ID! 

Noosa Landcare will be hosting a half day Eucalyptus ID workshop with botanical gurus, Marc Russell and Phil Moran, on Saturday the 8th of July from 9AM-12NOON at the Mount Cooroora Park, Pomona

The workshop will focus on eucalypt species of the Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Gympie regions.

The morning will include a theory session on eucalypt biology, distribution and identification, followed by a ‘walk and talk’ session to identify some local eucalypts in their natural habitat. 

Participants provided take home ID resources.

Light refreshments provided.

Please wear enclosed footwear and long sleeved clothing and bring along a camp chair and hat and water bottle for the field walk component of the day. 

Register your interest here


Tax time is approaching so why not make a tax deductible gift for koalas...

For this year's tax time, if you are in the position to make a tax-time donation, please consider donating for koalas.

Queensland Koala Crusaders (QKC) are working hard with your help to halt the decline of the koala and their forest home.

In this current time of habitat destruction, climate change and human ignorance our Australian iconic koala is under serious threat.

QKC are active in working collaboratively to meet our strategic goals that include:


Your gift is greatly appreciated and assists us in meeting these goals.

Charity tax deductions are applicable to all donations to QKC of $2 or more.

To make a donation today visit:

✌️ Did you know you can fundraise for QKC via Facebook. Click here to start a campaign and let your friends and family know by sharing your fundraising goal.


Art Auction - Koala Action Inc

Our friends at Koala Action Inc. are having an ART AUCTION to raise much-need tree planting funds. 

Bidding is online and open NOW through 6PM 24th June.

Click here to view all the wonderful auction items and make a bid

Join us at Stone & Wood Brewing in Fortitude Valley from 3pm - 6pm on Saturday 24th June to lift a glass in support of our beloved koalas. 


Jazz, Blues and Koalas - save the date! 8th October 

We are excited to be curating this event under the auspices of Councillor Steve Griffiths’ office, supporting Queensland Koala Crusaders, at the beautiful Nathan campus of Griffith University.

Register your interest at Jazz Blues and Koalas 2023





Caroline Kohl

Caroline Kohl is an amazing human. With kids still at home and working outside the home, she still manages to find time and the energy to help us with our market stall events.

A longtime member of  QKC and based on the Sunshine Coast, Caroline has attended most of our planting events in the region, where she is a tireless force of nature.

Arriving well before the rest of the volunteers, she sets up the marquee (no easy feat, I can attest), artfully arranges the merch and information on the tables, greets guests with a smile and provides a wealth of information.  She even brought along her father on a recent planting and he was just as kind and energetic as she!

There’s more! At the end of the event, often after a full day, you’ll find her tearing everything down, packing it away and keeping everything amazingly organised.  Even with all this work, she continually has a smile on her face and a sweet disposition.

We wouldn’t be able to do half of the things we do if it weren’t for Caroline. Please join us in thanking our Member of the Month!

Become a member today


Little Flora was with her mum Athena when a car hit them. Mum was severely injured and despite the efforts of the vets and nurses of the wildlife hospital, she didn’t survive.

So Flora came into the care of Anika at only 450 grams. The change of milk, teat, handling, smells and noises is such a huge change in their lives, and Flora was quite anxious about the whole process.

But after a lot of TLC she decided that being in home care wasn’t too bad and she settled in nicely with her friends Evelyn, Ash and Puddin.

Playing at night and sleeping during the day, she went from a little frightened girl to a beautiful young lady.

Once weaned from the milk, she was released into the plantation. This is an area with real trees where the koalas feed themselves and develop the muscles for necessary climbing skills. This is the last stage before the release back into the wild.

Can you chip in to help with the various aspects of koala rehabilitation?

$10 - Will plant one koala food tree

$25 - Provides medication for a sick koala

$50 - Funds a tank of petrol for rescues of leaf cutting

$100 - Can help put pressure on governments to stop excessive tree-clearing, so our native wildlife habitat is protected for future generations

$250 - Buys specialised formula and supplies for the duration of a koala in care (3-6 months)

$500 - Plants 50 valuable food trees for koalas

$1000 - Provides a planting team of volunteers with the equipment and seedlings to make a huge impact

Flora was released at 3.5 kg in a relatively safe environment, and luckily she stayed there to establish her home range.

Very soon she was found by the dominant male and a few months later we could see a big bulge in her pouch. Her daughter was the cutest little thing, and we named her Fauna.

Fauna has since moved away from the safety of her mum and is now on her way to find her own territory.

The last update from Flora was that she was pregnant again, we cant wait to see her new baby!

Successful stories like Flora's are only due to wonderful supporters like you.

Make a donation today so we can all continue to enjoy wild koalas.



End to native forest logging in Victoria!

Victoria will finally shut down native forest logging by 1 January 2024. Conservation groups, including members of the Victorian Forest Alliance, celebrated the historic win. Some of the groups and individuals had been working towards this for 40 years. 

Read more


Wild Koala Day hits the big time

A tiny koala appeared on the Google search engine all day on 3 May 2023, Wild Koala Day.  Wild Koala Day is also listed on Wikipedia, and was covered all over the world. 

Media coverage:

CBS News

Triple M

National Habitat Adventures

Friends of the Koala

Artists for Conservation

Greater Sydney Landcare

Midcoast NSW

Brisbane Kids

Wildlife Around the World

Victoria Forests


Koala tree plantations are being used by koalas NSW

Trees planted 2 years ago by Bangalow Koalas with the support of IFAW have been used by koalas. 

Read more


Record koala body temperatures documented Gunnedah NSW

Koalas in Gunnedah in January 2020 had the highest body temperatures ever recorded for wild koalas, up to 40.8C. The dangerously-high temperatures were found as part of a University of Sydney study about the link between high ambient temperatures and koala mortality.

Read more





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