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Make your home koala friendly

A few simple things can make your garden koala friendly.

Trees: Contact your local nursery for advice on the correct koala food trees for your area. Plant a variety of native species including koala food trees, wattles, bottle brush as well as shrubs and ground cover to make moving between trees easy for koalas.

Keep old growth trees. It can take 100 years for a tree to become useful to wildlife.

Fencing: fences have become a major problem as they restrict fauna movement. Make your existing fencing koala-friendly by adding a pole for koalas to climb up and over. If building new fencing use timber posts and rails with a plank along the top of the fence to be used as a walkway. Talk to your neighbour about a pole on each side so koalas have easy access from each side of the fence.

Pool: koala-proof pool fencing (eg. glass) or a tethered rope with a float in the water to help koalas climb out.

Dogs: keep them inside, tethered when in the yard, or restricted to a special area.

Watch from a distance and enjoy your special visitors.

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  • Murray Munro
    published this page in Koala Info 2022-09-21 10:42:33 +1000