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Flora's Story

Little Flora was with her mum Athena when a car hit them. Mum was severely injured and despite the efforts of the vets and nurses of the wildlife hospital, she didn’t survive.

So Flora came into my care at only 450 grams. The change of milk, teat, handling, smells and noises is such a huge change in their lives, and Flora was quite anxious about the whole process.

But after a lot of TLC she decided that being in home care wasn’t too bad and she settled in nicely with her friends Evelyn, Ash and Puddin.

Playing at night and sleeping during the day, she went from a little frightened girl to a beautiful young lady.

Once weaned from the milk, she was released into the plantation. This is an area with real trees where the koalas feed themselves and develop the muscles for necessary climbing skills. This is the last stage before the release back into the wild.

Flora was released at 3.5 kg in a relatively safe environment, and luckily she stayed there to establish her home range.

Very soon she was found by the dominant male and a few months later we could see a big bulge in her pouch. Her daughter was the cutest little thing, and we named her Fauna.

Fauna has since moved away from the safety of her mum and is now on her way to find her own territory.

The last update from Flora was that she was pregnant again, we cant wait to see her new baby.

Can you chip in to help with the various aspects of koala rehabilitation?

$10 - Will plant one koala food tree

$25 - Provides medication for a sick koala

$50 - Funds a tank of petrol for rescues of leaf cutting

$100 - Can help put pressure on governments to stop excessive tree-clearing, so our native wildlife habitat is protected for future generations

$250 - Buys specialised formula and supplies for the duration of a koala in care (3-6 months)

$500 - Plants 50 valuable food trees for koalas

$1000 - Provides a planting team of volunteers with the equipment and seedlings to make a huge impact

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