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Caring for Carers

Create sanctuaries and community centers providing "soft release" locations for koalas who have been in care and need a transition before returning to the wild as well as facilities for non-releasable koalas. Provide support for carers who tirelessly look after injured, sick, orphaned, or displaced koalas.

Support Wild Koalas on Their Journey Home

Join us in making a difference by supporting the incredible efforts of passionate carers who nurture these iconic marsupials back to health.

Wildfires, habitat loss, and other environmental challenges have taken a toll on Australia's koala population. Many find themselves injured, orphaned, or displaced, making it crucial to intervene and provide the necessary care for their recovery. Your support ensures that these beloved animals have a fighting chance for a healthy, happy life in the wild.


Where Your Donation Goes:

Your generous contributions will directly fund:

1. Rescue Operations: Funding emergency response teams to rescue injured or orphaned koalas.

2. Rehabilitation Facilities: Supporting specialised care facilities where skilled carers provide medical treatment, nourishment, and a safe environment for recovery.

3. Release Programs: Ensuring a smooth transition for rehabilitated koalas back into their natural habitat.

4. Public Awareness: Educating communities about the importance of koala conservation and fostering a sense of responsibility toward these iconic creatures.

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