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QKC Board Member honoured with Young Achiever Award

Kurt Jones a QKC Committee member honoured with the Spirit Super Connecting Communities Award

On his journey he is creating lasting change for the wellbeing of both people and the planet.

At just 20 years old, Kurt has spearheaded Co-Exist Australia, a non-profit that empowers youth to lead environmental conservation efforts.

Through initiatives like clean-ups and tree plantings, Co-Exist has already made significant strides, engaging hundreds of young volunteers nationwide.

Kurt's journey from high school dreamer to founder showcases his resilience in overcoming challenges, from securing funding to building a dedicated leadership team. Despite initial scepticism, Kurt's vision has flourished. In 2023, he launched nine collectives/teams across Australia. He will launch four more collectives in 2024.

A natural leader, he is also passionate about young people and the place they have in protecting wildlife for future generations.

Kurt has been involved in conservation for several years and has been served in many different ambassador, leadership and animal care roles. QKC is so fortunate to have him in his role to assist in raising awareness and taking action for our koalas, working to make our goals a reality.

The Super Spirit Award recognises young achievers who are passionate about connecting with and supporting communities right across the country to create a brighter future. 

Which is why Channel 7 have introduced the Spirit Super Connecting Communities Award to celebrate young individuals who are driving grass-roots, ‘real life’ initiatives that demonstrate genuine involvement, long-term value and add to the life of their community. 

These initiatives may meet a specific need or simply be a ‘fun’ way to celebrate being part of a community, fostering a strong sense of community spirit, which plays a vital role in enhancing the way people connect in their community.

Congratulations Kurt!

You can follow Co-Exist Australia on Facebook or Instagram

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