North Arm Persuasive Text Competition

Students from the Genus in Writing program at NorthArm State School have been advocates for our koalas through their incredible writing. 


Providing a VOICE for koalas through their writing, we first had contact with the school in our original writing competition in 2014 where their essays really stood out thanks to the incredible mentoring of Vickie Jaentke, their teacher.

QKC members were very impressed by the level of maturity and insight in the writing of these young crusaders and were fortunate enough to continue to support their efforts through their latest endeavours.

Of 60 persuasive texts we were able to award participants with a winning prize of an “Up Close and Personal” experience at Wildlife HQ.

All had a great day out and we are incredibly grateful to these wonderful kids that all have a heart for Koalas! 


Vickie_Jaentke_Teacher_NorthArm_SS_Genus_in_Writing_Program_copy.jpg Suzanne_Pearson_Tonga_WIldlife_Keeper_with_kids_and_Keda_copy.jpg QKC_Treasurer_Tracey_Roads_gets_an_up_close_and_personal_with_Keda_copy.jpg