Inaugural Qld Day Awards

On 6th June 2016 I was the recipient of the Inaugural Queensland Day Award for QKC Inc.


I am humbled and grateful to have received such an award alongside many in our community doing great work in the not for profit sectors in the community. It is like receiving a great big thank-you for the time and efforts I have put in for our beloved koalas. I do not do it for thanks but for the beloved animals that mean so much to me.

It is easy to get bogged down inside the politics and disappointments over the years as we see our koala numbers dwindling and habitats lost. Recent collaborations, however, bring a brighter future as we “do what is best for koalas”.  The animal that has most inspired me since relocating and naturalizing in Australia has been the koala but it has been more than that. As I see people beginning to work together and supporting each other, I gain hope and am motivated to do more. It is now or never and if you wish to be a part of a growing movement in our community to preserve and protect our wild Australia, then jump on board and be next year’s nominee. Their future is in our hands.