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GOAL: $500,000.00

Every koala matters. Your support matters.

Last year the news was full of the impact of the devastating bushfires that destroyed millions of hectares of habitat and thousands of koalas were lost.

It was a catastrophe.

But there is a slower and quieter disaster occurring daily. Koalas are being hit by drivers, attacked by dogs and succumbing to disease – even as you are reading this they are dying.

They need sanctuary. They need HOPE!

You can make a difference for them by donating today and together we will give them a safe haven and help secure their future.

Your donation will make a difference.

The development of this facility will contribute to the future of a sustainable, disease free and growing koala populations as well as provide urgent care for koalas in need today.


The facility will…

  • Provide a safe haven for koalas needing medium to long term care prior to release.
  • Provide emergency shelter and care for koalas displaced due to natural disasters such as fire, flood or storm (before potential translocation or re-release).
  • Maintain a resident koala population for education and research programs, including university studies, veterinary research and veterinary training. 

Our goal

We will raise $500,000 to implement our sanctuary, education and research centre plan.

Every koala matters. Help them before it’s too late.