Doodlejam 5th September 2017

 Our doodlejam crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for trees was a fun and exciting way to raise money for koala food tree planting. Bob Irwin generously provided his “doodle” to get the painting started and Detection Dogs for Conservation dogs, Maya, Baxter, Bear and Charlie all added their signatures as well. Wildlife HQ koalas Keda and Amari also had their go at painting and the collaborative community effort raised 36% of our goal. We learned more about crowdfunding as a fundraising option and are very grateful to our local community and businesses for their generous pledge donations. 


The NAC provided delicious canapés on the night and the entertainment was sensational! Simon Russell- Baker and Michelle LaMarca of Gambler and The Kitty Kats awed the crowd and Melony Brests had everyone in stitches with her amazing antics as MC. As all prizes were not claimed, we will be announcing other exciting events to help share these gifts in the coming months. 

It is well-known that habitat loss and fragmentation is the greatest threat to our  koalas in Queensland. QKC Inc is committed to plant more trees and establish new habitat  and plantations to support wild koala populations as well as those in care. A koala food tree is not mature enough for use by koalas until they are 5-10 years of age and it is critical that we attempt to make up for loss by being pro-active. A total of $3621.00 was raised. Let us know if you wish to volunteer to plant some trees and we will send you a notice of our Community Tree Planting days in 2018.

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