The Body Shop World BioBridge Mission Koala Food Tree Planting

22 June 2019 will be a day that goes into the Queensland Koala Crusaders’  history as a legacy for koalas. With the amazing support of the Body Shop UK, we were able to secure 90,000 GBP to provide funding for the planting of the first 12,000 trees over 30 hectares in the Noosa Koala Recovery Project.

The Body Shop Australia also got involved and doubled the funding through the sale of Limited Edition Hemp Cream, Koala Turban head towels and koala headbands over the Christmas season 2018/2019 and thus we will be able to plant a total of 24,000 trees facilitated by a partnership with Noosa District Landcare Group. Inspired community members planted the first 1500 trees on the day and we will organize further community plantings as the project progresses.

The landscape to be rehabilitated will become 2400 hectares of National Park and this historic land acquisition of former HQ Plantations Pine Plantations by the Noosa Council, Noosa Parks Association and Qld State Government is to be highly commended. This project will provide a baseline to connecting habitat corridors for koalas and the many other species living underneath their umbrella.


We are grateful that we could support such a project and Peppers Noosa Resort and Tourism Noosa will continue to support through fundraising efforts within their organizations. This was a truly remarkable collaborative project and the

community came out to be a part of it all! Over 130 people attended on the day and we planted the first 1500 trees along McKinnon Drive at the forefront of the project at Ringtail Creek.

Successful regeneration and forest establishment can only happen when we work in collaboration. This project has the potential for a successful outcome with growing connection for koalas in the Noosa Region. The future is brighter for healthy koalas in a connected landscape!

Koala Crusaders is looking for Big Picture ideas as we continue our work for koalas. Although koala conservation in an era of ecological crisis and mass extinction is challenging, the positive things we do to connect koalas and community are an inspiration and hope for us all.

Many thanks to Xavier Rudd for giving permission for the use of this perfect song to share the beauty of the day! Enjoy!

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