Did you know that when a koala is hit on the road and may “seem” ok because it is moving freely, that these steps away from the road could be it’s last?!”

Sadly, this was the case for poor Angela and her joey Angelita this past Saturday, 3rdAugust on Weyba Rd in Noosa.

Their bodies were taken to Eumundi Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre by our Noosa Koala Rescue Team.


“Trauma Season” is in full swing as our team is called out in Noosa. Koalas are crossing the roads and when we know better, we can do better! So, why do we still have to pick up dead koalas when known hotspots are not given precedence to have improved signage and warning? We have met with government frequently to have signage placed in this location and others to no avail. We have requested another meeting forthcoming.

The Noosa Region Koala Rescue team is sponsored by Queensland Koala Crusaders, facilitated by a grant from Noosa Council - and trained by Wildcare Australia in 2018. The team works collaboratively with various groups and facilities on the Sunshine Coast to do “what’s best” for koalas. All sick or injured koalas rescued, and successfully treated, are returned by them to their home range.

Meghan Halverson says, “A tragedy such as this can be avoided and we cannot afford to lose the healthy koalas within our community! We lose many to disease and koalas are in direct threat from loss of habitat and it’s fragmentation so it is time to do MORE to save our furry friends.”

We’d like the community to be aware, that if you live where koalas live, then be extra vigilant this time of year. If you see a koala roadside or hit a koala, call 1300animal immediately! That call could save a life!

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Photos Contributed by Ruth Huckstepp