The Voice for Koala

Koalas are a much loved, uniquely Australian species, but right now they are in big trouble. All across Australia, predators, disease and rapid urbanisation pose big threats to koalas, whose numbers have dwindled by 90 per cent since European settlement. nationwide.

In Queensland, more than 3/4 of viable habitat has been lost in recent decades, resulting in a critical situation for the state’s koalas.

The Queensland Koala Crusaders Inc was formed in 2012 to be a voice for this much loved Australian animal. We are working to help stem the rapid decline of wild koala populations across the state, and to help find sustainable solutions to ensure a promising future for koalas.

We invite you to join us in working to create koala-friendly communities across Queensland, characterised by a proactive, collaborative and humane approach to koala conservation efforts.  There are many ways to get involved to help save this Aussie icon. 




Wrap up video from the Doodlejam event:



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    A Doodlejam for Koalas

    Announcing a special Community Crowdfunding Launch event on behalf of the wild koala in conjuction with Doodlejam and NAC

    We will start the event with a passionate presentation to explain the reasons why we reaching out on behalf of the koala, followed by refreshments and the opportunity to mingle with lots of interesting people. The Kitty Kats will be performing on the night as well as other talented local artists. During the Launch Event, all guests are asked to participate in a unique, fun, collaborative experience hosted by DoodleJam. The event will be the official launch of the Queensland Koala Crusaders Community Crowdfunding Campaign, which aims to raise $30,000 towards the cost of planting 10,000 trees in the Noosa Shire over the next year.

    To Donate or Support Our Campaign CLICK HERE

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    News for July 2017

    July is an Exciting month for QKC!  Join us on our walks or come to the "Koala Kids Picnic" 


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